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things that we've done in the United States and getting intelligent doctors to come and do whatever would be the equivalent of testifying for more appropriations that some progress might have been made, but in any case, their total funds are so much smaller than ours that we never would have gotten the same dollar equivalent on the problem.

However, in terms of brains applied in England, you might have gotten creative brains that might have done something for less money, that would have been terribly important if put together with our ideas.

So, I'm thrilled that there's money any place.


So you're thrilled with the announcement by de Gaulle.


Oh, I'm delighted, delighted. I just thought it would work out to more than 10 million dollars when I heard of its being onehalf of one percent.

Well, to go back to what President Kennedy asked me to do in '61, once he was President, I think that as I had been a moderately substantial contributor to his campaign, he felt it was his business to ask me to be on some commissions. Somehow or another Fred Dutton called me one day in May of '61 and said, “The President would like you to be on the National Cultural Center Board,” and I said, “What is that?” Bud Dutton said, “Well, it's a proposed building for the performing arts that Eisenhower's Administration got set up, and we have to appoint trustees, and the President wants you to be one.” Well, I thought, “I'm not going to start out with Kennedy by saying I'm not going to do

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