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the Negroes get as good a break in employment as the white people do and eliminate prejudice, especially in large companies.” I said, “Lyndon, you know that I don't know anything like that, and I won't be of any help to you.” He said, “Yes, you would.” I said, “How?” and he said, “Well, the truth is I need a good New York name.” I knew that Anna Rosenberg turned it down. For what reason I don't know. I thought, “Well, I need Lyndon, so I'd better say yes,” and I said yes.

I went to a number of meetings, one this summer of '63, which was extremely well conducted by Johnson and with Robert Kennedy and Seaborg of Atomic Energy and a number of other people in the cabinet present, including Celebrezze. But I really made absolutely no contribution to this at all. However, I suppose I may have learned a little something which I could use, because I don't know anything about the area.


And you also maintained good will.


Yes, or at least I didn't refuse to do something that was at the moment considered to be convenient by the Vice President.


Mrs. Lasker, would it be impertinent or would it be something worth preserving as a bit of knowledge to ask what you did contribute to the Kennedy campaign?


How much?

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