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dollars or so. So, they felt, you know, that I was right but it might turn out to be expensive.

However, he did get a version of the President's statement ready, based on a statement that Mike Gorman wrote, and I was about to go to Europe the 1st of August when he said to me, “Now, who are we going to have on the commission?” I gave him a list of people. We went over the list very carefully. He objected to some people and agreed about others, and he said, “I'll take this in to the President. Are you going to stay here while I call these people up? Because if something goes wrong, who else do you want?” “Well,” I said, “I'm going to Europe tomorrow, but I'll call you up from there and if you're in any trouble, I'll come home.”

I did call him up from Paris and he was still encouraging and thinking about doing the work, but he had the TFX plane on his desk, and this seemed to him very agitating, and I realized that he probably wouldn't do anything until I returned from Europe. He did indeed not do anything until I returned from Europe, and then he said to me, “Who will we get to staff this?” And then I gave him various suggestions about who could be gotten to staff it, and then he had a lot of things to do, so he didn't do anything about it.

I returned to see him several times. He was about to call the people up, when on the 22nd of November, he took a plane for Japan. In the middle of the trip to Japan with Dean Rusk, the news that the President was murdered came to them. They

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