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January 4, 1964 - Interview No. 29 - Amenia, New York


This morning I think you're going to talk about the Committee on Research and Education, the scope of its work, and your role in that work.


Yes, it was essentially a committee supported entirely by the Lasker Foundation in the beginning, but which cooperated with numerous people and agencies, and had two, and sometimes three, staff members: David Lloyd, So Jones, and for a time, Kenneth Birkhead.


It was entirely your idea, wasn't it?


Yes, it was entirely my idea. I think I've given you the reasons for the idea in another interview. It was put into operation late in the fall of '58 and until the early winter of '62, when David Lloyd died from a cerebral aneurism. He was really the brains and the drive behind many of the activities of the committee and was singularly intelligent and a gifted man who had been one of the administrative assistants to Truman in the White House, and he was very familiar with all aspects of the Federal Government.

We tried to work in a very broad variety of areas which included, in the first place, a general statement which we envisaged to be used as a speech by Senator Johnson for defining what the Democratic Party's attitude should be in contrast to

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