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was perfectly happy and everybody was completely entertained by what he said, because he, although what I say makes it appear so, wasn't at all pompous; he was just stating the simple facts of life. It's true that he did have the best border in the United States and he and his partner did have a great yacht on Lake Michigan, and it was like my saying “I have a Cadillac car,” and it's of no interest unless somebody says they like a Cadillac car. But he was extremely entertaining.

Well, he said something about going to Mrs. Gimbel's for the weekend, and I said yes, I was going there for lunch, and that was that and I forgot about the matter, more or less.


At that point were you impressed with him and intrigued?


I was impressed with him, I was impressed with anyone who was so downright about what he knew and what he did and what he had and factual and entertaining at the same time. He had an extraordinary quality of vitality and this business of being amusing at the same time. He was so down to earth that it was almost funny, and he often said very funny things.

At any rate, I did meet him again at Mrs. Gimbel's the following Sunday. We went on a long walk before lunch, or after lunch, I can't remember. I think it was before lunch. And he talked to me at great length about the political situation we were in, how the chances were that we were going to be in a war--this

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