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wore tiaras except me and the men wore docorations. And it was very, very picturesque and enjoyable.


This was indeed the old regime.


Oh, certainly.

Then on the 7th or 8th, Audrey invited me to a party at Blenheim Palace that was being given for the debut of Lady Sara Churchill, who is now Mrs. Russell, and whose child has just been given a debut at Blenheim, 25 years later. The facade of Blenheim Palace was lighted for the first time. There was a marvelous arrangement of huge delphiniums and other flowers in the Palace, and for the first time I had seen this rather ugly house in the daylight look marvelous because there were enough people in it; there were about a thousand people at the ball. The women were wonderfully dressed and the men were full of decorations. It was absolutely superb.


That's precisely what it was designed for.


Yes. When one goes through it as a tourist, which I had done when I was at Oxford, it looks grandiose and tasteless, but that night, lighted up for a big party, it looked superb. It was a fairy scene.

Before I had left for Europe I asked Albert Lasker when he thought a war would start, as he was sure that there would

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