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behind Bryant Park and they were planted, too, in Battery Park and in Cadman Plaza in Brookly, and I think on one other spot on Riverside Drive.

Well, these plantings have gone an all these many years. After I gave them initially, the City has kept them up, and you can still see really lovely plantings at 104th Street, a circular garden, in the fall, from these strains of seeds that I gave them. It's astonishing.

Well, my husband wasn't terribly sympathetic to the idea of giving plantings to the City--for what reason I don't know. He liked the chrysanthemum plantings when he went up to see them, but he thought that it was an amusing eccentricity that I had.


A kind of a frivolous thing.


Yes. And when I proposed to help Nelson Rockefeller plant a garden for the Museum of Modern Art, he thought that was extremely eccentric and foolish, especially as one should not help the Rockefellers do anything as they were much too rich, that is, to need any help from me. However, I was in sympathy with Nelson about the garden and was very annoyed that Albert didn't let me spend some money with Nelson on fixing the garden. He was really adamanant on this point. When he died the United Nations Building had recently been built, and there was park around the United Nations which was being developed. So, my stepchildren and

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