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Had she done this sort of thing in the senatorial campaigns?


Oh, xx yes. But I think she learned to speak and have more self-confidence now than she ever had. I think she's much less shy than she was. I think being First Lady has given her much more self-confidence. She speaks charmingly.

I see I had a date with her on Friday, the 2nd of October, in the afternoon. It must have been then that she talked to me about the speeches that were coming up.

I wanted to make some substantial contributions to the campaign, in various forms -- you know, to various committees. I unted to make them so that the President could indicate how he wanted them used. He suggested that I take it up with Walter Jenkins.

I had an appointment with Walter Jenkins on October 13, at 6 o'clock in the evening, and when I went into his office, it seemed to me that he was extremely busy, which I expected. I waited for a long time while he took telephone calls and there was a great deal of -- it seemed to me, tension, in the office. But I thought that was very natural, considering the amount of responsibility that he carried. I also noticed there were a large number of files in the office, marked “closed.” There were large “closed” signs on them. That seemed strange.

However, after a while I went into his office, out

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