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income taxes of great amounts one year and then have spent all the money and have nothing coming in. But he's been very kind and very generous with his time and advice to contemporary American painters. He arranged for Governor Stepenson and me to go to see Franz Klein in his studio way down town.

It was a studio of a high-coilinged brownstone front house where he had a number of enormous black and white paintings and a few color paintings. He was a charming man in his mid forties living in a disorder you couldn't believe. It was la vie bohamienne to the endth degree, a little more picturesque than the sets for “La Boheme” at the Met. He gave Governor Stevenson a moderately realistic drawing, which Governor Stevenson treasures. Governor Stevenson was shocked--I thought he should learn something about contemporary American painting--by Klein's work, but he liked Klein personally. Klein within a year or two become ill because he's a very heavy drinker. He had some heart condition. Bernard Rice called me up desperately one day and said he feared he was dying. He was lying in his apartment and nobody knew what to do to help him and what could I think of. I suggested that he be taken to New York Hospital to be under the care of Dr. Irving Wright, who was a great cardiologist and I thought if anybody could help him, he would. I urged Dr. Wright to do everything he could for him. Dr. Wright did indeed

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