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don't have any and his prices are now enormous--like $50-and $60,000, and this seems to be very hard to pay.

I did buy two pictures by two contemporary Frenchmen-- in other words, men who started to become known in the '50s. One is a blue and black abstract picture by Soulages and another is an interesting calligraphic painting by George Mathieu. I don't know whether either of these men will become really important in the sense that Picasso and Matisse and Braque were important in the history of art. I rather feel not. But at least they're the next generation and they mark a change from everything that had gone on before. Picasso and Chagall are still the great living men among painters in the whole world today.


How would you characterize their work?


They're abstract expressionists really, and they're relatively younger and one doesn't know how they'll develop really. After all, one couldn't tell when Picasso was first painting his cubist pictures that they'd have an influence on the whole of architecture and of all design in the modern world, or that Braque and he would have influenced all of architecture and design--or at least it would have been hard to foretell it. I think I realized it early in the '20s when I first began to

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