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result of Lem's visit to Rome and the maneuvers on the part of Becker and my pressure on a friend of mine in the foreign section of the Italian government, we've gotten a diplomatic note which is tantamount to a good pledge that they will give the marble and very soon. It's $660,000 in their money and it represents about a million one in ours.

We've also pledges from Denmark, Japan, Germany, Norway and Ireland.


Are these cash gifts?


No, Denmark is going to give some furniture for around $150,000. Japan is going to give a curtain for one of the theaters. It represents about $70,000. Germany is giving some bronze doors, and Norway is giving something else. Ireland is giving a crystal chandelier for about $35,000.

Then when we were absolutely in despair about a few months ago, a company that provides food for big business organizations called the Automatic Canteen Company came into the office and offered $1,200,000 for the right and privilege to provide the food for the various restaurants in the center;

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