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that he would make this as a gift to the nation because he'd given other gifts to France and he's lived in the United States and likes it. Robert Lehman persuaded him to say that he would not do anything for the Kennedy Center in return for being paid $300,000 for two decorations for the Metropolitan. So I was thwarted in this, too. I've never in my whole life been in so much cross roughing. Did you ever hear of such a lot of trouble?


It's a fantastic story. Although these gifts from foreign governments are wonderful and quite acceptable, it does seem a bit of a shame that the total amount of money could not be raised here.


Doesn't it seem ludicrous? It's really ludicrous. And yet President Kennedy had asked six people before he got Roger Stevens to be the chairman of the board of trustees. It has been just incredible work to get the money together because people on the whole are hostile to Washington. Business people are hostile to Washington, don't think of it with pleasure and are not very comfortable when they go there. On the whole, when the Democrats are in power, they feel they are taxed too much, I suppose. One of the last times I saw

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