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Did you find in your contacts with President Truman that his attitude was somewhat different from that of President Roosevelt's.


Well, by the time I met Truman, which was on September 8, '45, the war was won, and we discussed only health matters; we never discussed air power; it was considered a settled matter and whatever could be done had happened. I got to know him too late to...when he was Vice President he had very little influence, I think, in the running of the war, although I may be under-estimating what he did. He certainly had influence when he was head of the investigating committee in the Senate.

Oh, he was Vice President in '44, not in '40, so I was mistaken. He became Vice President because of his important as the head of the War Investigating Committee, the War Contracts Committee.

Well, that's the air power story in a capsule, and I hope to get a copy of his citation for you. He's now interested in smoke control.


The other topic that you thought you would today was your experience with illness through your life, the experiences which led to tangible action later, in terms of Federal legislation.


Well, I'm very happy to speak about this, largely because it's a major part of my thought and effort and also because I think it's strange that other people who have had very much the

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