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Well, did they seem to feel that they'd be engulfed?


Yes, in some way.

Well, I convinced my husband that it didn't matter with whose money the answers to cancer were found, and he, when he was convinced, could convince anybody of anything he wanted to convince them of, if he was really moved sufficiently.

So, he went to a meeting of the Cancer Society and he convinced them that this was just common sense to testify in favor of the bill and that, in fact, if the bill went through it would be their money because they would have helped to make available for cancer research, and that this would just be an extension of the activities of the American Cancer Society.

This was, indeed, a fortuitous sale. The American Cancer Society has been on record as being in favor of Federal money ever since and has testified in most years for large increases in funds.


That was a point of conversion.


Yes, that was a point of conversion.

They did not testify for 100 million dollars, however This was considered a madness. The idea of the 100 million dollars was that it should be available until spent and it should bring scientists from all over world as part of a supreme effort.


But you didn't consider it a madness.

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