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diagnostic methods, even under the heading of “control.” A bill was drawn up and agreed upon by the Surgeon General, Parran, Albert, Mr. Adams and Mr. Elmer B. However, on July 2nd the Public Health Service changed to wording of the bill in a way that made this proposed cancer research bill within the final jurisdiction of the Surgeon General. This we might have expected, but Albert and I were very angry about this. Albert and the others opposed this change and the introduction of the bill was dropped.

Another man who was entirely outside our group, Mr. Perlmutter, who had been active in the support of the Neely Bill in the House, with a group of friends of his, pressed for a vote on the bill in the House at the end of the session in July. The bill failed to get the two-thirds majority to be brought up in that session, which was needed because it was late in the session.

In spite of that fact, I worked through Senator Pepper's office, through the press, and in every way I could to have the bill voted on in the Senate, with the help of Norman Winter, who was then the Publicity Director of the American Cancer Society. It was brought to the floor of the Senate by Senator Pepper that summer, of ‘46, but Pepper was unable to bring it to a vote because of the objections of Senator Ball of Minnesota. Can you imagine?


What was his objection based on

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