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at all. She had no husband, nobody who really supported her. She really had a hell of a time to get done what she did.


Yes, but I imagine a change will come in our ways of living also as a result of this federal effort that you have instigated.


The change will come in the sense that people just won't have the things that they now have and that they had. The incidence of tuberculosis has changed completely as a result of the discoveries of streptomycin and Isoniazid.

Well, let's talk about the Heart Institute. In the fall of 1946 I was very much concerned about the fact that there were no funds whatever earmarked in the National Institutes of Health of the United States Public Health Service for diseases of the heart and circulation, the number-one cause of death of people in the United States.


Was there any specific illness which instigated this in your mind at that moment. Can you connect it with any personal experience?


I think that I said before that I was tremendously influenced by the illness and death of my father due to a stroke and the illness and death of my mother due to a stroke, which was due to arteriosclerosis, and this certainly influenced me.

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