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Administration, and the survey is still not energetically pushed and the final facts have not been tabulated.


This is something which your foundation is quite cognizant of.


Yes, because we're always trying to collect up-dated facts. If there are no surveys made, we don't get any new facts and nobody knows on what scale action is necessary.

All these bills which passed the Senate failed to pass in the House, and I asked Senator Murray to reintroduce the Survey of Sickness bill in '51, but the AMA, believe it or not, raised some stupid objections, and with Senator Ives and Pepper no longer in the Senate, we had no one to drive it through. Murray, by this time, didn't have the energy to argue about it.


What kind of objections were raised?


Oh, I can't even remember, something incredibly stupid.

However, let's go back to 1949. All four of the bills passed, including the omnibus research bill containing these two new institutes, the Senate sometime in August or early September. They passed unanimously on the consent calendar and this made me anxious to push Biemiller, who was taking the leadership in the House on medical legislation at this time. I saw him in Paris at lunch with Albert at the Ritz and I talked to him about the whole group of bills the Senate had passed. He, at that time,

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