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Fogerty gallantly tried to get a deficiency appropriation voted in the fall for these two institutes but was defeated, and we felt very sad about this. We tried to bring pressure on the President through Senator Murray and other Sectors who went to call on him on the matter of putting forth a supplementary appropriations bill to start the new institutes off well in fiscal '51, that's the same year. But what we finally came out with was--my figures are somewhat confusing. I'll have to get this reconciled.

In any case, the funds were totally inadequate for the size of the problems, but it was the first time that the Public Health Service had any money for neurological diseases and blindness and it had never had anything more than a few hundred thousand dollars for arthritis and metabolic diseases.


Actually it was a giant-step forward in that sense; it was on the books now.


Yes, it was on the books.

Now, as of fiscal '63, these two institutes have: Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases has 103 million 388 thousand dollars, and Neurological Diseases and Blindness has 83 million 506 thousand, over a period of less than eight years.

Now, I must give credit to the fact that the Arthritis Institute could never have been established without the cooperation of Floyd Odlum, who was a sufferer from arthritis himself, who

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