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The following is the result of the vote on the 64-million-dollar amendment on August 3, 1950, and the following is the vote taken on August 4, which defeated the 32-million-dollar amendment:

This failure may have been partly due to the fact that Senator Pepper had already actually lost his seat in the Senate as the primaries in Florida were early in the spring of '50 and were tantamount to election or a loss of the job, and he had lost the primaries. Consequently, he didn't have the prestige or the leverage which he had before. This was a great blow to us. I really knew now as I had never known before how critically important funds for research in cancer and heart could be. Albert's operation had shown that the cells had gone into the lymph glands, as I said.


It was a fast-spreading type, was it?


Yes; although they removed the lymph glands they couldn't be sure that the cells hadn't escaped.


Was he at Memorial Hospital?


No, he was at Presbyterian, at Harkness Pavillion.

I remember calling Senator Pepper desperately from a meeting of the Research Committee of the American Cancer Society and begging him to try again the next day on the senate floor to get

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