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emotional and was basically unsympathetic.


Did you do anything to educate him in terms of ideas and facts?


Oh, yes, we presented him with a great deal of factual information, but actually the concept that medical research paid off in lives and in dollars was so unfamiliar to most of these people that they just resisted it.


It's such a simple concept.


Yes, it is simple.

Now, in the meantime, Miss Margaret Truman had become a friend of Albert's and mine within the year and had asked Albert and me to go and hear her concert in Washington with the Leonard Lyonses on December 5th of 1950. Prime Minister Attlee was visiting the Trumans at the time and he sat in a box with them that night, although at 6 o'clock that evening President Truman's old friend and press secretary, Charlie Ross, died in his office at the White House; they still went ahead to the concert to hear Margaret.

The next morning David Niles had made an appointment with the President for me. I went to ask Truman to appoint someone in his office to be liaison in the White House for me and others interested in health and suggested David Stowe who was one of his main executive assistants. The President said, “This is a

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