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Interview II-10

Interviewee: Mary Lasker, (Mrs. Albert Lasker)
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr
Date: January 7, 1972
Beekman Place, New York City


It's always a matter of great stimulation to me to meet with you again, Mrs. Lasker, and always a matter of great joy in these beautiful beautiful surroundings. This has come to be a post-holiday meeting when the house is still decked with holly, so to speak. 1971 has been a year of tremendous accomplishment, tremendous importance in terms of medical research, a year in which Washington indeed focussed on cancer research, and you have been so very prominent in this whole effort. I'm looking forward with great eagerness to your story of the events of 1971.

Mrs. Lasker:

Well, when the Senate's panel on conquest of cancer made its report, it got rather modest publicity, I thought. The NEW YORK TIMES played it on about page 20 and it didn't seem to give it its proper due.


That report came in?

Mrs. Lasker:

The 4th of December, 1970. Shortly thereafter Senator Yarborough introduced a bill which covered the main points of the

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