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the Heart Association because they really pushed him to do it, and I hadn't gotten around to it. What I did want to see was, to get the efforts in research in stroke put back in the Heart Institute where they had been originally. I had gotten Senator Hill to add stroke to the Institute for Meurology when blindness was taken from the Institute for Neurological Diseases.

I urged Hill to put stroke in it so that it would getmore attention. He did it, but we didn't get, never have gotten sizeable amounts of money. Actually not more than about eight million dollars is being spent on stroke research through the Institute for Nrological Diseases and Stroke now. I urged -- the reason is largely because the director of the institute is not the least interested in stroke, and the associate director has not got sufficient leverage to get it done.

However, the small amount of money that there was was being spent partly in supporting stroke centers for 150 to 300 thousand dollars in different major universities. Now, this amount of money really does practically nothing and would barely keep a small office on education going. But they wanted this money notwithstanding, and when I urged that the stroke money be put back with heart and that stroke be given siably more money, K thought I was going to get it done with Rogers. I had dinner with him and Mike Gorman and John Cooper, the head of the American Medical Colleges Association, in the spring and I though that Rogers might add stroke to the bill. However, he did not take the stroke activities away from Neurology. He just said that the Heart Institute was to be responsible for certain

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