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Now, the Lasker Foundation as a result of all this rolling up, this appeance of large numbers of prolonged survivals in these types of cancers, espectdally because of acute leukemia in children and Hodgkins' with disease, and the development of chemotherapy, decided to do all its awards this fall, '72, in the field of chemotherapy. We're giving 50 awards for some types of investigation of Buricitt's tumor. four people are getting awards; for skin cancer, Ed Klim is getting an award alone; my closest friend Gordy Van Scott tax is getting an award. But we'll give you all that when it takes place.

I think we had a very good jury meeting, and I think that it is a symptom of the fact that there's something new in clinical cancer happening, because now at last the Cancer Institute is organizing a large breast cancer tumor task force. They're organising a prostatic cancer task force, and lung cancer task force, to try combinations of drugs which have been successful in other less prominent tumors. And I think this is the beginning of a new era in the treatment of some kinds of cancer, of most kinds of cancer.


When they organize a task force for these specific diseases, are specific hospitals selected?


Yes, specific men who are interested in the problem in different hospitals are asked to provide patients who will go on the protocol that's selected, and that they stay on the protocol until they have let's say 200 or 150 cases, and they treat people with this as long as they feel they're getting more successful than any other treatment. There are several different protocols going at the

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