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But it has no harmful effects?


Well, it depends on whether you have, I don't know -- you're not supposed to take it if you have certain other condition. But it isn't a dangerous difficult drug for most people to take. But you have to go to a doctor and be watched by a doctor.

Well, then fortunately as a result of my interest in that, I heard from NateKline that he had shown that chronic alcohlism could be influenced;up to 60 percent of those that he'd treated, no longer wished to drink liquor, and they were on lithium. So this may be a whole new treatment for alcoholism, and may change the whole problem of alcoholism.


Perhaps more promising than that Danish drug?


Than antabuse, yes. It's easr to take. People hated to take antabuse. They got violently sick, if they took a sip of liquor. That's the medical and legislative report.

The Cancer Institute and the Heart Institute have sent teams of people to Russia, and received teams of people, attempting to cooperate in use of drugs in cancer and in heart research.

I cannot find that the Russians had anything outstandingly good that's better than anything that we have. However, if they do big clinical trials with drugs, it may be that they will come across something faster than we will, or settle some questions that will be very advantageous for us. Did you know that the Sabin vaccine was used in Russia for the entire country, first? It was used there

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