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got up and cheered the American performance.

After this there was a large buffet supper in the rooms of the King's rooms in Versailles, and everybody was better dressed and looked prettier than anybody had since their last fete Mari Antoinette. It made about $200,000 for the Versailles Foundation.

In addition to that various people including the Levitts have pledged $250,000. Altogether I think they raised around $500,000 -- no, I think they raised between five and six hundred thousand dollars this year.


Was my friend Wiley Buehanan there?


I don't know, but he is a great friend of Mrs. Vander Kemp's and my sister went. She absolutely adored it. She said I was the most wonderful sight she'd ever seen in her life. They came up to the palace, and light snow was falling, and it was very very beautiful.

There were all sorts of difficulties about the American models. There were 40 American models taken over there. Of course, there wasn't any food for them to eat when they were rehearsing. There were all kinds of terrible trobblies. All that's forgotten and they made money and it was socially a triumph.


Is another one contemplated?


I don't know. I must think about that, this week. But it's been a great success, and Mr. and Mrs. Vander Kemp raised a lot of money.

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