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Not really, no, because I'd heard from some rumors about it.

Miss McDonough also has written down that I should say that I received in absentia the James Ewing Society Cancer Award. It was made in the island of Mali by the James Ewing Society, and was the first award that I ever received that had any money attached to it. I received $1000 which Igave to the American Cancer Society. This is entirely a medical group, and I found it very flattering.


Is this in recognition of your efforts --


-- for more funds and legislation for cancer. And she thinks I should also say that I received the Lifeline Award of the American Health Foundation in May. Mr. Hugh Carey, the Congressman from New York who's running for governor, made the main speech at this American Health Foundation Award meeting in the St. Regis.

Among the political efforts that I've made, I forgot to mention that I gave two receptions, at the suggestion of Senator Ted Kennedy, for two of his friends who were running for the Senate, one for Congressman John Culver who's running for the Senate from Iowa, and another for Wayne Owens. Wayne Owens' reception, we -- invitations were sent out inviting -- withTed Kennedy's name, Robert Redford's name and mine, for a reception for Wayne Owens at 29 Beekman Place, and at both receptions, people were supposed to pay $100. I must say that the Redford reception, many of my friends and relatives were anxious to come to see Robert Redford. They had no interest in politicians whatever, but when they found they had to pay $100, they didn't come. Even Robert Redford didn't

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