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Interview # 16, Part II

Interviewee: Mrs. Albert Lasker
Interviewer: John Mason, Jr.
Date: July 26, 1976
Amenia, New York


First we're going to talk about the appropriations for cancer research and for the cancer centers.


In the fiscal '76 we got $762 million for cancer research, the National Cancer Institute.


Now, that was actually cleared and available?


Yes, that actually was good after a fight because it was vetoed by President Ford. The whole HEW bill was vetoed, the '76 bill.

Now after many difficulties we got the '77 House and the Senate figures, and they're to agree on a final figure for cancer and all the rest of the research institutes this week. The high figure in the Senate was $825 million, and the House figure was $780 million so we'll come some place between the two - probably just over $800 million.


I see. And there's a good possibility of it's being...

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