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On the Heart Institute side, the budget went from about four hundred and forty-five million to four eighty-five on the House side, and I was stunned, because I was at the Senate markup, to find (Senator Warren) Magnuson unwilling to go up to five hundred ten million, which I thought I had sold him on. I found I had not, and the vote in the committee was five to five. Five for it and five against it, that will be resolved in a Full Senate Appropriations meeting probably next -- week after next.


Why did Magnuson change his mind?


He was economizing. He just suddenly got hit with the idea of economy. It was the day after the Jarvis victory in California, and he was suddenly thinking “we must spend less money”.

Then he came to the Cancer Institute, and a few people spoke up, including (Senator Birch) Bayh, about the importance of cancer research, and “Maggy” (for Magnuson) said, “Well, how about nine hundred and twenty-five?” Senator Proxmire said, “Well, I'll go along with that,” and the minute Proxmire said that, “Maggy” was stunned, because he realized that if Proxmire would do it, it must be the wrong figure.

So he said, “How about nine hundred and fifty million?” Everybody raised their hands except Proxmire, and a couple of others, and it was done.


Did you have any further trouble with (Congressman) Obey?


Yes, he makes plenty of trouble, but I -- he called me up in Texas and said, “There is going to be a cross-the-boards

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