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bear some expenses of this operation, which were only a few hundred dollars, maybe $300.


Because that's where an organization of that sort pays off, doesn't it.


Sure. Well, at any rate, the President was very annoyed by this. Oh, and he was mad at Mike DeBacky too, for a little while. But then, you know, too much happens and he forgets some of this.

However at the dinner, on the 11th of June, he said to me, In addition to everything else, I'm going to give you the pen that I'm going to veto that with, “ not only did we get the money restored in the -- too much trouble, and he put the money back -- but John Fogarty put another 72 million dollars on in the House, this infuriated , absolutely infuriated him, because he thought he had done everything by restoring the cut , you see.

So on the 11th of June he recalled all this when he saw me, and he said, “I am going to give you the pen that I'm going to veto this appropriations bill with.”

And I said, “I said, “I don't think you're going to veto it. In the first place, you've just told me that you got a billion and a half more revenue than you'd expected, and that we have a surplus instead of a deficit, which is a terrible mistake for you to have told me, Besides that, you really are too sympathetic and you

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