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Cancer is a very general disease. I doubt that we'll ever have one single drug that will hit all forms of cancer. It may be but I doubt it. I think you're going to find that drugs that you can now cure Hodgkin's Disease with and testicular cancer with are entirely different. And I think that you may find that there will be a variety of cures for it.

I think that our efforts have been too small, not too big, and what they call the immense amount of money spent for it is peanuts compared to what it should have been. That's my comment on that. (chuckles)


It seems like a very logical one. I mean you're close to the subject.


I say there is a judgment of Solomon -- which effort should have the most money. And if it had been up to me, I probably would have said: “I don't understand this application from Paul Berg or Stanley Cohen, and let's give the money to something else.” Well, all right, I would have been wrong in that case and so would a lot of other people. You just don't know from whence something is going to come. It means that you've got to make a broad effort on anything that's going to kill 425,000 people this year.


In this country.

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