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We went to Leeds Castle for a weekend. Jimmy Fordyce had invited Herbert Boyer, Dr. Boyer, and Mr. Swanson and his wife, who were on their honeymoon, to come, to join us there. We had a marvelous large lunch of people from Burroughs-Wellcome, who were very jealous, I would have thought, of the genetic people who had cloned interferon and they did not yet have a clone of it. We went to the most beautiful garden in the world. You have to go! (pause in recording)


You went to Sissinghurst.


Yes. And we went to visit Sir Richard Doll at Oxford at the new college of medicine that's been established by a Dr. Green of Dallas, Texas, at Oxford. Can you imagine the generosity of somebody from Dallas, Texas giving them $6 million?


He must have oil wells.


I'm sure, at least. He has Texas Instruments, I think. Then we went to Cambridge to visit some people who were finding that there was a sub-species of leukocyte interferon, who were doing it in a laboratory.

We went to the theater a couple of nights -- saw “Amadeus” with Paul Scofield, who is marvelous.

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