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through blood transfusions and so forth.


Oh, boy, that's going to make trouble, hmm?


He mentions that in his letter, and that's a very dangerous thing, it seems to me.

I'm going to read this statement of Dr. Gallo's onto the tape here in the hope that you will pick it up and use it at that gathering in September.


I will do that. I'm glad that you pointed it out to me, because I did not notice that. That's terrible.


This is in his letter of April 14, a letter addressed to you from the National Cancer Institute, and he said:

“An additional pragmatic point is our recent finding that some normal blood bank donors have this virus in their blood.”


Boy, every blood bank will have to have a test for the virus I would think. That's really something. I've got to get a copy of that letter to take with me.


Yes, I think so. He's going to be there. He may well bring it up anyway.

Are you going to have any particular name person heading up these spots on television?

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