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Mrs. Lasker:

At the Neurological Institute -- have bean aided. Now, she told me yesterday that for the first time in three years she'd read the New York Times because this was the first time she could hold it. Isn't that fantastic? The drug is made by Hoffman Roche. It's very expensive now. costs $30 a day for treatment, and you have to be part of a research project. But for people who have Parkinson's disease, you have no alternative, that or surgery, if you want any help. Surgery doesn't always help and it's certainly very traumatic, I would think, wouldn't you? If it doesn't help it's traumatic.

Well, we're in the worst -- we're back to a phase that we were in in the early '50s, when Pepper had lost in the Senate and we had no real friend in the Senate, and when we had Republican chairmen in the House, such as Scriber and some other terrible man from Chicago, and -- oh, before John Fogarty had become the chairman of the subcommittee in the House, we had a situation where we had totally no sympathy on either side of the Congress. We went on constantly -- that no effective sympathy. We had first a Sentor from Minnesota and then Senator Chavez who's a Democrat but a Catholic who really didn't believe research would do anything for anything, because he believed everything was the will of God anyway. We came out of that phase, and during

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