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watershe in history. For the first time on a large scale, people can decide their own 100 percent and children can be born by choice and not by chance.


This could actually become a major effort in our aid to foreign countries, couldn't it?

Mrs. Lasker:

Oh yes. It should be. Now, I want to go back to our efforts last spring to help Senator Hill get his -- Senator Hill went for an appropriation of about 70 million dollars over the President's budget for the National Institutes of Health including some increase in construction of research facilities. He felt very dubious about the wisdom of going for more money because he knew the temper of the Congress, and in order to kind of help his cause. I asked Mike Mansfield to give a luncheon and ask the members of the Senate to come and hear some outstanding leaders in the heart field talk. He did indeed give the luncheon in the Senate. We had about 36 Senators, and Mike De Bakey spoke. Elliot spoke on the need for more coronary care units. Dr. Wilbur spoke on community program to treat hypertensives in order to reduce strokes and even heart attacks, and Greenhouse talked about the possible usefulness of Atromid in stroke.


You were present at this?

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