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great deal of trouble for Senator Hill, I feared greatly that he wouldn't run again, after 43 years in the Congress, Naturally this would be very prejudicial to any health legislation or appropriations in the future. Senator Hill undoubtedly was responsible for the -- (with John Fogarty.) but really it was Hill's leadership in the Senate that made it possible to get the funds for medical research and to get the health legislation that was attained in the last ten years. He's been chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for the last 14 years, actually, and all the great success of this, as far as funds go, is due to his great prestige and leadership and understanding. I realize it would be a catastrophe of he didn't run again.

I suggested that he take Mrs. Hill to see Cooper, who is a surgeon who operates on Parkinson's disease cases, and he took her to see him. Cooper thought she could be helped, and they were considering this operation when Mike Gorman, who works for us in Washington, heard from a science writer that there was a new drug that was helpful in Parkinson's disease called D.O.P.A. He told the editor of World Medical News about it, and they ran an article on the work of Dr. Cotzias and the use of this drug . I called Houston Merritt at Columbia, the Dean of Columbia University School of -- College of Physicians and Surgeons, and urged him, as he was Mrs. Hill's doctor, to get some of this drug, and to try it on other people and see if it was

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