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I don't know whether he did this with the consultation of a jury or of a committee, or whether he just did this on his own. You see, it was first done by Kennedy once, and then there was another list of people that were given the Medal of Freedom by him after Kennedy's death but they had been chosen during Kennedy's lifetime. Then during his whole administration none were given. I think that it was because he was in disagreement with the committee at one point, Now, I don't know whether he finally got a committee that he agreed with or that agreed with him, or whether he Just decided the would make these awards, but the awards were made, and the medal is very pretty, actually. Jane has it upstairs. I had meant to have it downstairs to show it to you, but I'11 show it to you another time. It's very pretty.


Is it a gold medal?


I'm not sure that it's gold, but it's pretty. It has lots of ribbons, and it has a smaller medal, and it has a little thing like that -- It's really quite nice, And it has a citation.

Well, as far as New York City goes and its beautification, I think I told you that I planted 200,000 daffodils this fall in 50 locations in Central Park. I can't wait for them to come up.


Yes, to the tune of $10,000.


We now have Mr. and Mrs. Richard Radgers interested in

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