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end of life, and that it will encompass tax payroll deductions and contributions, employer-employee. For people that are unemployed the federal government will have to make contributions. The federal government will given funds to increase the number of doctors and improve facilities for medical care in the United States, because the present non-system isn't giving us the decline in the death rate that we should have, considering the amount of wealth and knowledge that we have and that in smaller countries the death rates are lower, where they have comprehensive health insurance. Smaller countries such as Norway and Sweden.


The Scandinavian countries.


Yes, and I think it's even lower in New Zealand and Australia. I haven't looked at the most recent figures. We certainly aren't doing as well as we should. I think death rates are higher here than they are in a number of other countries.

As far as my interest in new drugs goes, there's a drug called methadone which I don't know whether I've told you about or not.

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