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Democratic Study Club in the Congress, on the House side.


Chaired by this Congressman from Indiana?


No longer. It's chaired by a man called Donald Frazer, Congressman Frazer of Minnesota. Brademas of Indiana had been the head of it. Mike and I met with Brademas, Frazer, O'Hara, Frank Thompson of New Jersey, and Hugh Carey of New York, and we told them of the difficulties that we had with getting any increases in medical research or in health appropriations. They, in a general way, sounded very sympathetic. We decided to hold a meeting in May, a dinner meeting at Ambassador and Mrs. Blair's house in Washington, and have these gentlemen present, and ask Congressman Blatnik, Congressman Preyer, and Congressman Dingell of Michigan, the son of the Dingell who was a cosponsor of the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill in the .

We held this meeting one pleasant night in May, around the middle of May, and we invited Dr. Catzias, who discovered the usefulness of L-Dopa in Parkinsonism, and Dr. Mike DeBakey, Dr. Signey Farber, who was an authority on cancer research, and --


-- all the big guns --


-- yes, several other doctors, to talk with these gentlemen about what the potentials are and what needs to be done in the field of research, what the undone work is, and how much it needs support. How the general field of cander and heart research needs support.

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