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other reasons, that I decided this would be a good thing and so we came to New York in the spring of '46, at the time I was discharged finally from the Army after five years of service. And I came to the Times's Sunday department, and that was that. I also felt, very clearly, that I had proved my ability as a newspaperman, and that therefore I could come to the Times not merely as a member of the family, but on my own merits as well.


And you were the editor of the “Review of the Week” section, is that correct?


I was named in charge of the “Review of the Week” section very shortly after I came to the Times, and that was the idea, and that was what happened. So my responsibilities for three years were really the responsibilities of getting out the “Review of the Week” section.

First, of course, I did some writing for the “Summary,” as we call the first two pages. And then within a few months I was put in charge of the whole business, which included both the “Summary” and what we call the back of the section, which was arranging for all of the articles and making up and so on.

And gradually my job tended more to be a general editorial-supervisory job of the section as a whole and less immediate, detailed concern with the “Summary” itself.


This was then the first time that you had been in an editorial capacity rather than reporting-

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