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change in management when Mr. Dryfoos became publisher, I think, was simply an appalling and outrageous statement, and in very great contrast, incidentally, to a notice in Newsweek at that time. More recently Time magazine's piece about the ten leading American newspapers, which, of course, included the New York Times, it could hardly do otherwise, but I felt it was so grossly inadequate as really to be, in effect, a sneer at the Times, because all it talked about virtually was the volume of the Times.

Now, in all fairness, both Donovan and Heiskell vigorously deny this, and may point out a few phrases here and there that would appear in the first section which are complementary to the Times. There certainly was one article in Time a year or two ago that I must say was extremely complimentary, but I have felt over the years this bias has generally been evident.


Which one was that?


I'm trying to remember the specific piece. It was a piece on the New York press, as I recall it, and it appeared about a year ago, and I was amazing that it was as friendly as it was. This seemed to be the one startling exception in the many snide and unpleasant, and I really feel, unfair remarks that Time has made about us over the years, and the two that I've mentioned specifically to you, the one on the ten best papers and the one that appeared when Mr. Dryfoos became publisher a few years ago. These were two outstanding examples of the kind of thing, as well as being characteristic.

I don't want to make anything of this, but you asked me, and this was my feeling about it.

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