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right along in exactly this policy. In fact, I right now have on my galleys, ready to go at anytime, an editorial reiterating this policy, and I'm simply waiting for another opportunity to run it. Obviously, you don't run this sort of thing everyday, but this has been a developing policy, and so far as the Security Council goes, I think that we would-I don't want to anticipate what position we'll take, really on this in the coming debate, but I think that the actual fact is that one would have to grant Communist China probably a seat sooner or later in the Security Council if it came down to this-who would take the present Chinese seat? I think it would have to be, as a matter of realism, if it ever came into the actual admission of China into the United Nations, I think one would probably have to simply recognize that China, as China, is controlled and run the Communist government, much as we don't like it, and that is a Chinese seat.

The other country, instead of being two Chinas, the other country is really a country that ought to be called Taiwan or Formosa, and this country should be given a seat in the Assembly as a regular member of the United Nations. This, it seems to me, is the actual way that things have to work out, if it ever works out, but we're saved from having to make this kind of decision by the fact that Communist China won't even hear of it. I'm sure this is what is going to happen within the next few years, and I think it's the inevitable thing. I don't like the idea of Communist China being Communist either, but I think it's a damned sight better to recognize the reality than try to close your eyes to it. Not only is this better, but there's less danger.


Do you have one or two men who are specifically China specialists?

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