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about this, until finally, in recent years, I got tired of doing it. I really have done it very little, complaints, in recent years.


Was this because of the stuck whistle - or because you thought there was some alleviation of the problem?


No, the former. Because I felt it just wasn't any use, and what the hell. Everybody knows how I feel about this, and the problem was going on. Certainly less so, yes, less so, because such an issue as Vietnam had by this time died down. But nevertheless, I have seen it quite a lot.


It didn't surface ever in Winners and Sinners?


Very seldom did Ted Bernstein mention this problem, although I do believe that very occasionally, in that sheet, which was mainly - which mainly dealt with grammar and rhetoric and good reporting, matters of that sort, more technical matters, but always written in a very amusing and clever way - but the fundamental questions certainly never, of editor and publisher, were discussed, nor should they have been. That wasn't the vehicle for it. But even on this matter of editorialization in the news, I think that Ted very rarely, if ever, discussed this. I don't recall it ever being discussed. It could be that maybe he would have mentioned it, but a very few times.

Anyway, that's kind of a permanent problem that I saw.

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