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I wrote him on that note, because the question of advertising on the Op-Ed page had come up in the previous discussion, I didn't like the idea of advertising on an Op-Ed page, but I realized that maybe that had to be done.

So -


In practice it's been done very little, hasn't it? Mobil, I can think of -


No, in practice it's been done as much as we can sell the ads, which has been quite a lot, but limited, but limited to a quarter page. And actually I became reconciled to that. I thought and I think that the page would be better without the advertising, for kind of, shall we say, - I'm tempted to say, moral reasons, but that isn't quite right. I just think it would be better if we didn't have advertising on that page, but -


A combination of typographic and moral reasons?


Yes. Well, actually, I frankly admit that I think that the page looks quite well with the quarter-page ad, and it actually breaks up visually, it breaks up what could be a monotonous page, and so I'm quite reconciled - visually - to the quarter-page ad, as long as it never goes any bigger, any more than that, and remains in dignified copy.

But one thing, and on this point - it's very important to me - I have never been reconciled, and I fought like a tiger and was defeated completely on this point, which was that we should not permit editorial-type advertising to appear on the Op-Ed page. Specifically the

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