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change in editorial policy was also contemplated. These mischievous stories, grossly misinterpreted the publisher's intention eventually to ‘rotate’ members of the editorial board into other parts of the newspaper. No policy change was or is contemplated with the change in regime next January, nor will there be any speedy or dramatic change in personnel. However, Peter Grose” -- G-r-o-s-e -- “a valued member of the editorial board for the past four years, will be reverting to the news department in September, as head of the Times bureau at the United Nations.”

Then my suggested memo to the board --


Let me just change the tape here. Sorry.



My suggested memo to the board goes on with this statement: “The April 6th announcement in the Times precipitated a deluge of warmly appreciative letters about the editorial page, from a wide variety of Times readers, of which the following from a well-known author and former newspaperman is typical: “The editorial page of the Times has become the most distinguished and trustworthy in the country. Thoughtful people turn to it for enlightenment and guidance and good writing. What is more, although the page has always shown compassion and understanding for the claims of those without power, its responses have never become stereotyped.'”

And then I went on with some other suggestions, further, on personnel and so on. But as I say and everything that I say in this memo -- the rest of it -- it's all routine stuff about what the

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