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Series II: Project Drawings

Lloyd E. Morrison House (South Pasadena, Calif.). Scheme 2   E. R. Murphy House (Pasadena, Calif.)

Howard F. Mundorff House (Fresno, Calif.)
Residence for Mrs. Howard F. Mundorff, Fresno, Cal. / Greene & Greene, Architects. 1917 27 drawings various media 91.6 x 94.3 cm. (36 1/8 x 37 1/8 in.) or smaller

Most of the drawings in this set are encapsulated in mylar.
Job no. 372.
Many of the drawings are damaged.
Date from inventory.
This set consists of 15 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 4 pencil and crayon drawings on tracing paper, 3 pencil and ink drawings on tracing paper, 2 pencil drawings on tracing paper with crayon applied to the verso, 1 pencil drawing on paper, 1 pencil and watercolor wash drawing on tracing paper, and 1 pencil drawing on tracing paper with ink wash applied to the verso.

Index Terms
Subjects: 1. Houses. 2. Howard F. Mundorff house (Fresno, Calif.) Geographic Names: 1. Fresno (Calif.) Genre/Media: 1. Detail drawings. 2. Renderings. 3. Sketches. 4. Orthographic drawings. 5. Pencil drawings. 6. Crayon drawings. 7. Ink drawings. 8. Ink wash drawings. Associated Names: 1. Mundorff, Howard F.

List of Drawings (View All Thumbnails)

1. NYDA.1960.001.02740. [Rendering of] front elevation, proposed residence at Fresno, California, [job no.] 372 Greene & Greene, Architects. 1 drawing : pencil and watercolor wash on tracing paper ; 20.3 x 50 cm. (8 x 19 3/4 in.). JPEG | Zoom

2. NYDA.1960.001.02741. F[ou]ndation plan ; shelving in store r[oom] -- elevation, sectio[n] : Sheet no. 1 "Note -- see sectional elevations and 1 1/2" scale details for wall sections". JPEG | Zoom

3. NYDA.1960.001.02742. [Flo]or plan : [She]et no. 2 "Note -- all doors unless otherwise marked to be 6'-10" high". JPEG | Zoom

4. NYDA.1960.001.02743. [Ro]of plan, [showing] soffit of cornice : Sheet no. 3 "Note -- panels marked "Sc." are screened with wire for ventilating roof space. These panels are centered over openings below". JPEG | Zoom

5. NYDA.1960.001.02744. South elevation ; east elevation : [Sheet] no. 4 JPEG | Zoom

6. NYDA.1960.001.02745. North elevation ; sectional elevation [looking east] : Sheet no. 5 JPEG | Zoom

7. NYDA.1960.001.02746. [Sketch of north elevation] JPEG | Zoom

8. NYDA.1960.001.02747. Sectional elevation looking west ; west elevation ; west elevation [of interior of] bedroom no. 1, [detail of] roof framing in wings JPEG | Zoom

9. NYDA.1960.001.02748. [Sketch of sectional elevation looking west, unidentified sketch] JPEG | Zoom

1. NYDA.1960.001.02749. Details of cases -- west, north, cast, [and] south [elevations of] pantry ; kitchen -- section thru hood, section A-A, east [and] south [elevations], section [through] south elevation ; [elevation and section of medicine case in] bathrooms nos. 1 & 2 ; [elevation of] linen case between maid's room and screen porch ; elevation [and] section [of] cases in sewing room : [Sh]eet no. 7 JPEG | Zoom

11. NYDA.1960.001.02750. [Elevations of hall, unidentified elevation] JPEG | Zoom

12. NYDA.1960.001.02751. [Living room -- elevation, plan showing [placement of furniture] JPEG | Zoom

13. NYDA.1960.001.02752. 1 1/2 inch scale details -- [sections and plans of walls, vents, floors, etc.] : Sheet n. 8 JPEG | Zoom

14. NYDA.1960.001.02753. F[ull] s[ize] details of interior trim ; chimney details -- plan[s], section, [interior elevation], exterior elevation : [Sheet] no. 9 JPEG | Zoom

15. NYDA.1960.001.02754. F.S. details of window frames -- casement windows, double hung windows : Sheet no. 10 JPEG | Zoom

16. NYDA.1960.001.02755. F.S.D. of cornice and gutter : Shee[t no.] 11 JPEG | Zoom

17. NYDA.1960.001.02756. Detail of columns and pilasters -- F.S.D. of porch columns, F.S.D. of pilasters at front entrance : Sheet no. 12 "See also blueprint sheet no. 8". JPEG | Zoom

18. NYDA.1960.001.02757. Metal work details -- plan of leader & strap, [ha]lf elevation of head, F.S.D. of gutter (see also sheet no. 11), section : Sheet no. 13 JPEG | Zoom

19. NYDA.1960.001.02758. F.S.D. of doors and medicine case -- [elevations], F.S. sect'n thru front door, F.S. [s]ect'n thru G.P. [do]ors, detail of medicine case : Sheet no. 14 JPEG | Zoom

20. NYDA.1960.001.02759. [Plan elevations and section of indirect lighting fixtures using] E-65 X-ray reflector JPEG | Zoom

21. NYDA.1960.001.02760. Living room -- plan of outlet boxes JPEG | Zoom

22. NYDA.1960.001.02761. [Sketch of lamp] JPEG | Zoom

23. NYDA.1960.001.02762. [Sketches of indirect lighting fixtures] JPEG | Zoom

24. NYDA.1960.001.02763. [Detail drawings of moldings, elevation of living room wall with fireplace] JPEG | Zoom

25. NYDA.1960.001.02764. [G]arage -- west elevation, south elevation, east elevation, section[s through walls, p]lan, detail of sandbox : Sheeet no. 1 JPEG | Zoom

26. NYDA.1960.001.02765. Pool -- [plan of pool and surrounding area], section, full size [detail] of cap : Sheet no. 15 JPEG | Zoom

27. NYDA.1960.001.02766. Planting plan [of entire property, front and side elevations of] trellis JPEG | Zoom

Lloyd E. Morrison House (South Pasadena, Calif.). Scheme 2   E. R. Murphy House (Pasadena, Calif.)