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Series II: Project Drawings

E. R. Murphy House (Pasadena, Calif.)   John G. Neumeister House (Redondo Beach, Calif.)

James W. Neil House (Pasadena, Calif.). Alterations and Additions. 1913
Additions and alterations to residence for Mrs. James W. Neil, Pasadena, Cal., [400 Arroyo View Drive] / [Greene & Greene, Architects] 1913 7 sheets various media 45.7 x 59.2 cm. (18 x 23 3/8 in.) or smaller

Job no. 314.
"This original design of this first speculative house for Mrs. Josephine van Rossem in 1903 was so changed by the addition of the porch structure, the expressed timbers, the massive boulder and clinker brick wall, the pergola across the brick-paved drive and the conversion to the natural shingle (from horizontal clapboard siding) that the house was thereafter published as the Naill house." -- Greene & Greene, architecture as a fine art, by Randell Makinson, Salt Lake City, 1977, p. 140. The changes expressed in this set of drawings are later than those which resulted in the name change.
This set consists of 4 pencil drawings on paper, 2 pencil and ink drawings on paper, 1 pencil drawing on tracing paper, and 1 pencil and crayon drawing on tracing paper.

Index Terms
Subjects: 1. Houses. 2. Additions. 3. Alterations. 4. James W. Neil house (Pasadena, Calif.) 5. Josephine van Rossem house (Pasadena, Calif.) Geographic Names: 1. Pasadena (Calif.) Genre/Media: 1. Detail drawings. 2. Sketches. 3. Orthographic drawings. 4. Pencil drawings. 5. Ink drawings. 6. Crayon drawings. Associated Names: 1. Neil, James W. 2. Van Rossem, Josephine.

List of Drawings (View All Thumbnails)

1. NYDA.1960.001.02771. [Partial] first floor plan : Sheet no. 1 JPEG | Zoom

2. NYDA.1960.001.02772. [Partial] first floor plan, revised "Dashed lines indicate work already in, and also old windows, etc. removed and used again. New wall shown colored". JPEG | Zoom

3. NYDA.1960.001.02773. [Partial first floor plan], before alteration May 1st, 1913. JPEG | Zoom

4. NYDA.1960.001.02774. [Partial elevations] Encapsulated in mylar. JPEG | Zoom

5. NYDA.1960.001.02775. [Sketches of partial elevations] Encapsulated in mylar. JPEG | Zoom

6. NYDA.1960.001.02776. [Sketch of partial first floor plan] Drawing originally had 3 rectangular pieces of paper attached depicting "broom closet", "cupboard", and "store". These are now detached from the drawing and were not photographed. JPEG | Zoom

7. NYDA.1960.001.02777R. [Sketches of partial first floor plan and unidentified elevation] JPEG | Zoom

8. NYDA.1960.001.02777V. [Unidentified sketch] JPEG | Zoom

E. R. Murphy House (Pasadena, Calif.)   John G. Neumeister House (Redondo Beach, Calif.)