• About our art

    The Club currently teaches Ving Tsun (commonly referred to as "Wing Chun"), and well as Tai-Chi. The two balance out to provide a complete martial arts education, as well as being excellent health and fitness benefactors.

  • About our Sifu

    Our Sifu, Henry Moy Yee, is among the most respected Chinese Kung-Fu Grandmasters in the world. Having trained in various systems for over 50 years, including Ving Tsun, following in the lineage of Bruce Lee's legendary teacher, Yip Man, Sifu Henry Moy opened his own school, in Brooklyn. To learn more about him, go to his website.

  • Accomplishments

    Jerry Liau, a long-time student under Sifu who taught at the Club last year, recently placed third in the Chinese reality show "The Disciple", which showcased Jackie Chan's search for a successor. He will be starring in 3 Chinese action movies in the coming year along with the winner and runner-up of the competition!

  • About us

    And we do it all with a smile on our faces! Though we are proud of our traditions, we're a pretty easygoing bunch, and the main thing we promise you is a good time. Come and try it out, and you'll see for yourself!