Columbia     Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures

The Columbia Arabic Summer Program (CASP)

Two five-week sessions:
June 1-July 3, 2009
July 6- August 7, 2009

Students applying for any course other than First Year Arabic, 1, must take an online placement exam before they are admitted to the program.

Students are encouraged to take both sessions, but with permission from the director may take only one session.

First Year Arabic, I and II
Second Year Arabic, I and II
Third Year Arabic, I and II

Intensive instruction in Arabic language through multimedia materials and activities designed to situate the language in the context of the cultures in which it is spoken.

The language of instruction is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), but students also have opportunities to hear and speak various colloquial Arabic dialects.

Experienced instructors use a communicative approach that emphasizes listening and reading along with speaking and writing. Activities designed to teach listening and speaking spring from real situations and current events.

The Program includes:
-Readings of Arabic short stories, poetry, and current newspaper articles.
-Live television and radio broadcasts from the Middle East, movies, tape recordings, the Internet, video clips, and access to interactive instructional facilities.
-Trips to acquaint students with the magnificent Middle Eastern heritage on display in the museums and libraries of New York City. Visits to Middle Eastern Neighborhoods and restaurants, and lessons in Middle Eastern cookery.

Students in First Year and Second Year Arabic are encouraged to take both sessions, but with permission from the director may take one session.

For additional program information, please contact:
Department of Middle Eastern & Asian Languages and Cultures
Dr. Taoufik Ben-Amor, Program Director
(212) 854-2895

For application information, please visit:
or contact
(212) 854-9699