Columbia    Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures

The MEALAC Sanskrit Program

Language Coordinator: Sheldon Pollock

Graduate students in the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures who are concentrating in Sanskrit are required to have a minimum of four years of Sanskrit. This requirement will be satisfied by the following typical sequence of courses beyond the intermediate year:

  Fall Spring
Advanced 1 Philosophical Texts 1 Philosophical Texts 2
Advanced 2 Literature Literary Theory

The two levels of advanced Sanskrit are typically given in alternate years. In 2005-06, kavya and alankarasastra will be offered; in 2006-07, mimamsa and nyaya. Additional courses, including Introduction to Panini and Introduction to the Literary Prakrits, are also available periodically. Final examinations will be required of all students in the first year of Advanced Sanskrit. In the second year, students are required to prepare a research project in lieu of the examination. This may be a research paper, a book or articles review, a bibliographical study, a translation, or whatever will advance the studentís research capabilities.

Please visit the Language Resource Center or contact Sheldon Pollock for more information.

Sheldon Pollock
626 Kent Hall