IEEE Social

--Josh Mackler '04

After an onslaught of sent emails, most deliberately, some accidentally, the second annual IEEE Student and Faculty Social finally met on Tuesday, October 29th at 7:00pm. Attendance was roughly fifty to sixty people including professors and deans. The event gave most electrical and computer engineers the opportunity to realize just how few people they really knew in the EE and CE department. From the perspective of a CE major, it was nice to meet some new people, yet many students still seemed petrified to actually converse with any of the deans or professors, let alone the professor teaching their circuits class which had just met earlier that day. This venue however, served its purpose and it was a great occasion to socialize and share engineering experiences with other EE and CE students.

The food was excellent, especially for a free on-campus event. The choice of fried chicken was a pleasant change to the traditional free pizza. The beer was well guarded, with two ids required to get a wristband, and was safely out of the reach of most undergrads, but other drinks were provided as well. The event was not funded by IEEE. Instead, the Electrical Engineering department picked up the tab, which, although it may have seemed extravagant, is only rumored to have put a small dent in their overall funds. All in all, the event was a success, and any future attempts to unite the engineering student body with professors and deans in an informal atmosphere will most likely be welcomed with great enthusiasm.